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Homesteading in the 21st Century

It is Never a Bad Time to Get Back to Basics

Global capitalism has made many things possible. Fresh(ish) fruits and vegetables in the middle of winter. Relatively inexpensive lumber, even in places trees barely grow. Contractors who specialize to the point they can have a house built in weeks or months. But there is a flip side to this that is perhaps not always considered. What chemical residues are on those fruits and vegetables? What health effects, if any, does the formaldehyde offgassing from that OSB have on your family? Do you even know how to make basic repairs to the home you live in?

There is a movement, a group of people collectively thinking about these questions. And while a few want to throw it all away and move in to the wilderness, more people recognize that they can perhaps have the best of both worlds. Buy a small piece of land, build their own home, grow their own food. This way they know what their enviorment is made of, and can fix things that are broken. They still have internet access, and Amazon deliveries when they need them, but they also have the peace of mind that comes with being in control of their environment, and not so worried that the next global shock will throw their world completely out of kilter. These are the modern homesteaders.

Begin Your New Journey

Here is a list of resources you will need to get started!

Find Your Land

Choose the best location; nearest to your childhood home, favorite vacation spot, as near or far from your extended family as you like. Research prices, availability, local zoning laws and more.

Build your Home

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Plant Your Harvest

Every meal can be farm to table, both of them yours! Do you need a new tractor, or are hand tools enough? How do you make compost? Where do you get seeds?

Make a Living

Sustain your homesteading dream by bringing in the revenue you need to keep it going.

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