We Made it All Great Again

The Vote Heard Around the World

Whatever stars aligned to bring the ticket together, the victory was sweeping. President Yang quickly got UBI passed and then the cascade began. With the prior administration's dismantling of checks and balances, President Yang was able to push through a surprising agenda, with even more surpising support. The rural voters loved it, the tech workers loved it, everyone loved it. And of course, business has never been better.

But that is all history. Today you are learning to live in this brave new world. We are here to help you figure it all out.

Begin Your New Journey

Here is a list of resources you will need to get started!

Claim Your Homestead

Each American household is eligible to claim a 5 acre homestead. AI algorithms choose the best location; nearest to your childhood home, favorite vacation spot, and as near or far from your extended family as you like.

Plant Your Harvest

Every meal can be farm to table, both of them yours! Set up a delivery time for your new tractor, compost and seeds. A friendly gig worker earning a little extra spending cash will help you learn to operate it. 

Sew More Than Oats

Those new holes in your jeans aren't going to patch themselves! All your friends are in to visible mending, and you don't want to be left behind. Online classes in all your favorite new, old hobbies are available any time.