The definitive guide to finding the appropriate site, applying for the land, building a house and outbuildings, planting and harvesting crops, and raising animals.

Beginning Your Homesteading Journey

Homesteading is often seen as a way of life based around self-sufficiency. It is generally understood to involve an individual or small group, such as a family, working a piece of land in order to meet their needs. Uses generally include agriculture and home preservation of food, but may also involve the small scale production of clothing and craftwork for household use or sale. The goal is to live a full life off of the land, relying on one's hands and know how.

Do you dream of a deeply satisfying connection to your own little piece of land? A simpler way of life? Growing your own food? Raising animals? Making your own clothing? Building your own barn? If so, it sounds like homesteading is might be for you. But if you didn't grow up in a similar circumstance, you are probably wondering how to get started?

The idea of starting a homestead can definitely feel overwhelming. There is so much to consider; so many things to do! What steps should you take? This guide will have you on your way to setting attainable goals, priorities. Just remember to put one foot in front of the other and take it slow, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Homestead Selection Process


What kind of homestead is right for you? A farm, a ranch, a nomadic shepherd? A place in the plains, the woods, the mountains, the desert? We can help you figure out what is right for you.


We have a national database of properties that has been prepared or is in the process. Selection, cataloging and remediation all happen prior.


Once you have narrowed the search online it is time to visit in person, we can coordinate travel and meeting a local agent.


Once you choose, you just need to sign a contract accepting the property and sign over and previous deeds or leases in return.

Ready to Begin the Concept Process?

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